New Generation

Events Coordinator

  • Jennifer Rivers
  • Big State Entertainment
  • 281-869-4079
Come be a part of something special, we are dedicated to bringing others to Christ through song and ministry! join the New Generation mission for Christ!! Become part of the family, and send us your email address, and you could be entered into a drawing to win a free CD, T-shirts, or other merchandise!!You will receive special offers! (maybe free tickets to a show!) *There will be no solicitation to your email. (We promise!)You don't have to put your address if you don't want to. Thanks for the support!! God Bless!!
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President, Group Manager

  • Mario Rivers
  • Big State Entertainment/New Generation
  • 832-883-0577
  • 281-869-4079

Marketing and Promotions

  • Big State Entertainment

Booking Agent

  • Ms Laynett Rivers
  • New Generation Gospel